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Speedy MIDI

Speedy MIDI is an editor designed for choirs and singers who want to quickly generate MIDI files for rehearsal.

Focus on fast and easy note entry

If the quality of the sheet music is too low for scanning, Speedy MIDI is an interesting alternative to other MIDI or notation editors. Use the mouse piano for input, or an external MIDI keyboard.

Cell raster technique

Note lengths are entered in multiples of the current cell length.
Thus entering dotted notes or ties is not needed any more!
Tuplets are fully supported.

Simultaneous entry in multiple tracks

Speedy MIDI automatically distributes multiple pressed notes to multiple tracks.
This helps when entering music with same rhythmic patterns in multiple voices, e.g. chorale music.

Other useful features

  • unlimited undo/redo
  • part extraction
  • rehearsal markers (verse, chorus etc.)
  • transpose
  • adjustable playback speed
  • swing playback
  • shortcuts for all commands
  • compatible file format: Standard MIDI File (.mid)


Speedy MIDI is free of charge as it is Open Source Software licensed under the GNU Public License v3.
By downloading and/or using the software and/or source code, you agree to this license.

Download Speedy MIDI (at sourceforge)

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